Halloween Characters Pillow Boxes!!

Less than one week for Halloween!! Doesn't time flies??
Well, where I live is RIDICULOUS the 
amount of children that go trick or treating.
Last year I had tons of candy and I still 
ran out in less than an hour!! 
So this year I am making something a little easier to make.
I used Angie Delarie's new digis Halloween 2012 Characters which you can also get already with colors 
in case you want to print it in white cardstock. 
I don't have a die or a cartridge for these pillow boxes 
so I made mine with a scoreboard and a plate.

In the first one I just used Frankensteinie Monster's head.

Frankensteinie Monster is too adorable!!  

This girl is Carving Crazy Witchie.

I have a box with the whole Halloween 2012 Characters Gang  

This is the back.

In case you need ideas here is what 
and the YEAR BEFORE.
Well I hope you enjoyed this post!!
Take Care!!

3 lovely comments:

Donna said...

WOW! I wanna be a kid in your neighborhood!!

Sherrie K. said...

Ooooh, these are awesome! How fun!
Sherrie K

Rosie said...

these are adorable