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Hi Sticky U Fans! Today's lesson on DIY is Eco Friendly! I altered this cigar box to make a pen pal box. In this box I can put all the materials I need to answer my letters and send a few cards! My friend used to get these boxes from the gas station near her house. She had lots in her closet and she gave me a few to alter. 

To alter the box I used Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive. I did each side individually rather than wrapping it like a present since the paper is pretty thick and it would keep the box from closing correctly.

Instead of measuring each side and cutting it, I like to glue it directly and cut with a craft knife.

The small space between each panel will be covered by washi tape. The space between the lid and the back (where the hinge is) will have a bigger gap, that way it will open easily.

This is how it looks before the washi. I used paper from May Mind's Eye.

The washi I used is pretty wide that way it can cover two sides. Gluing the paper was piece of cake but the washi was a little tricky!

Then, a little embellishing!

After I used washi on the outside I used more paper on the inside to cover the images on the inside.

Inside the box you can put pens, cards, envelopes, stamp and other things to answer your mail! 

I made a pocket with vellum to put stamps inside. Awesome thing about the Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive, it's clear so you can't see the glue through the vellum.

This is me on my Sticky U Shirt! Check out the Sticky U Alumni Pinterest Board for more DIY ideas! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Take Care!

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