Hello and Exciting News!

Hello!! I have 3 awesome news!! 

Are you ready to hear it?! 

The first one (in case you haven't heard)
I made the Epiphany Crafts Design Team!!
If you want to see the rest of the Design Team, click this link.

The second one is another Design Team!!
This time is for a Scrapbook Store in Chantilly, Virginia.
So If you are ever near Chantilly be sure to check out Scrapbook Plus!! 
The store is AMAZING!! Super big and it has a crop room that you can rent with your friends!!
And if you live close be sure to sign up for the newsletter for classes, sales and a lot more!!

The third one is that I am 17 weeks pregnant!!
Call me crazy but she kinda looks like her Big Sister!!
It was a happy surprise and I can't keep quiet anymore!!

And is a girl!! Woo-Hoo!!

Well I just wanted to share some happy stuff with you 
so I will stop rambling!!
Thanks for reading!!
Take Care!!

12 lovely comments:

Crafty Moni said...

Im so happy for you! Congrats on all your blessings and making some awesome design teams:) Best wishes!

Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
Monica L.

Susie Craft Happy! said...

Congrats on all counts!!! Special congrats on soon to be new addition!!


Houses Built of Cards said...

Awww...big CONGRATS!!! Especially on the last news!

Damaris said...

Oh my gosh!!! JENNIE!!! All this is great news!! CONGRATS!!! I wish you many months of creative mojo with an easy pregnancy.

x0, Damaris

Melisa Alzammar said...

Congrats Jennie. Wishing you a safe and happy pregnancy.

Marilyn said...


Annette said...


Angi said...

Big Contrats to ya Jennie! I'm so happy to be on the EC team with you. And even bigger congrats on the baby news! How exciting!

jessica said...

Congrats on all this excitement!!!

Tana said...

Congrats on all levels!!! When are you due? It sounds like your about a month of so behind me. :) I'm due June 30th.


latinscrapdiva said...

Omg serious!!!! Yes yes yes

UnikByYes said...

CONGRATULATIONS JENNIE!! What an exciting post ;) I will make sure to visit EC :) Take care!
Have a beautiful day!