My CHA Journey! Part One

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 This was my first time at CHA and I had a blast!! I met lots of amazing people and it was so much fun meeting a few of you! I wanted to give you a little recap of my trip and share some photos.

I left DCA on Friday, January 10th and it was freaking cold, rainy and blah!  

The plane got delayed because we had a little freezing rain. In this area we are kinda wimps about cold weather.

I had a connecting flight in Salt Lake, Utah. I had to run from one gate to the other since I was late, they were waiting for me and even calling my name. :S 

Finally I got to John Wayne Airport, Orange County!! Warm weather and sun!! But when I got there I found out that my bag missed the connecting flight. They said I would get it at 4:00 PM but I got it at 9:45 PM. The worst part is that my breast pump was in my bag and I exclusively breastfeed my baby. If you are a breastfeeding mom you can understand what is like to be 12 hours without breastfeeding. Super painful!! But thank God for Karen from Tombow who got me a breast pump after getting a cab with a horrible driver and driving to a few places because we didn't get it in the first 2 stores we went to. 

The next day the show started so here is a peek at the Tombow Booth. The Aqua had the NEW Tombow Extreme Adhesive Runner. It's incredibly sticky, those who tried the product were convinced! 

The pink booth had the Power Tabs, Foam Tabs and the Fastener Tabs. You can also see Melissa's projects!

The green booth had the Dual Brush Pens. If you look really close you can see some of Marie's Masterpieces. But if you want to try out some techniques you can check out the Tombow USA You Tube Channel. 

The Aqua booth had some projects using our theme for this year "Burlap and Bling!" 

A close up of my Burlap and Bling Projects! 

The green booth had blending pallets, misters and Tombow bags. You can also see some of Debbie's projects.

That is me with the first lady that participated on the Make and Takes. 

We made this frame! (I will post the instructions to this and all the make and takes I did for the show on Wednesday)

 Marie was also doing some gorgeous Make and Takes! She is so incredibly talented and nice!! You can find awesome tutorials on her book Time to Tangle with Colors

This is one of Marie's cards. 

This is one of my frames! (Tune back on Wednesday for instructions) 

The rest of the photos are courtesy of Tombow USA!

I went to Marie's awesome workshop and had so much fun!! Did you know that you can use the NEW Tombow Extreme Permanent Adhesive Runner on CORK!! AND BURLAP!! 

Here is the Tombow USA Team with our very bright orange T-Shirts!!
This is a photo of the team having dinner. Everyone was super nice and funny!! The fact that the people behind the product are amazing makes you love the product even more!

 I hope you enjoyed the first part of my CHA Journey! Come back tomorrow Tuesday for the second part including some photos of booths! Also come back on Wednesday to see all my Make and Takes with their instructions. 

Take Care!!

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