From Virginia to Texas: Moving Rambling

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**I'm doing this post from my I Phone #1 to see how it looks and #2 because I have no internet in my new house yet.**

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably know that I moved. If you don't I moved! 😊

It's part of the military life, every few years you pack everything up to make a new life somewhere else. I'm not going to lie, it sucks! I'll miss my crafty friends Patti, Amanda and Michele! Once in a while we got together to craft and eat. 
We made this mess last time we went to the National Postal Museum for the Mail Social. If you ever go to DC check out this museum and try to go to a Mail Social! They are awesome!!
I made these 3 postcards! 
I used to go to the library every 3 weeks to get new books and I also went to a lot of the Story Time activities.
The ladies that work there are incredibly nice! So as a thank you I gave them some tags! 
Of course we said goodbye to the house that held loudy crazy girls for 2 2/3 years! 
Here we celebrated Itha's 3,4 and 5 years! She went to her first school here and made really good friends. 

We also welcomed our baby Layla! Here she crawled, said her first words and started practicing how to walk. 

The first day we drove to Washington Pennsylvania. 

We had breakfast in the hotel for the longest drive we had!

Of course we need to refuel in Ohio! 

Check out this app! It's only $0.99 and I really like it! Awesome for roadtrips and vacation! 

Driving through Indiannapolis was horrible!!

TRAFFIC!! Next to huge truck! Yep! We were freaking out! For 2 hours!!

We got to the hotel at 1:00AM and pretty much passed out! 

That day we drove from St. Louis to Oklahoma.

Layla got hungry so we had to stop!

This rest stop in Missouri was pretty cool! 

I think it's pretty funny that I breastfed Layla here. 

We finally made it to Oklahoma and it was so beautiful! I enjoyed the drive so much! Which it's a miracle since I HATE driving! 

Last day driving!! From Oklahoma to Amarillo, Texas!

Breakfast first! 

Cows second! 

Almost there! 

Finally here! With Pinkie Pie of course! 

And my crafty pile!

No round pancakes here! 

On Monday we get all our stuff! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook (links on the sidebar) for updates on my new tiny craft space! 

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Unknown said...

I came to your site by accident, but I'm glad I'm here. What a wonderful road trip! Thanks for all the work it takes to be a military family, and thanks for your husband's service to our country!!!