Citrus Twist Kits:

Hi Everyone! It's been a crazy month! On top of that, it was short and jam packed of action because I have a secret project. You'll find out soon! 

This is my third project with the February Pocket Life Citrus Twist Kit. Stay tuned for the kit leftover video. 

I love to layer little words with washi. If you want to see how I choose my washi tape read this post

 I kept my title card pretty simple. I wanted to keep the balance so I only decorated 2 corners. I love these kind of alpha stickers because they are super sturdy and they come with numbers! Yay!

My daughter is of obsessed with this Sago Mini game and in the game she takes photos of the little animals. I thought it was super cute so I included that in my album. Also, it looks like Ginger is giving Jack the evil eye! LOL That sticker looks perfect there!

The pineapple photo is actually an Ipsy card! In the back it has a little blurb about Summer. I didn't want to glue it down so I used washi to make a flap.The house is keeping it closed. 

I'm in the process of editing the video so stay tuned! The March Pocket Life Kit is amazing too! 

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