Citrus Twist Kits: Week 3 and Creativation

Hi Everyone! I had very good intentions to finish 2017 before working on 2018. But the cacti from this kit told me that I needed to work on this week. 

Screenshots are a little taller than regular photos so I use PicStitch with the template with 3 vertical spaces. I moved the margins to accommodate the photos in a way the shape stays true to the screenshot. I only used 2 spaces and left the other one blank. 

I am obsessed with 3x3 pockets! Spoiler Alert: You are going to see a few more of these in 2018. 

I had to use this cacti paper on this spread because I attended Creativation in Phoenix during week 3. There were so many cacti in the floor! And unicorns, cats and LLAMAS!

I like to make little clusters with 3 to 5 items, I count the staples as items too.

Since there are more spaces in this page protector I can have a little extra space for fun things like this confetti pocket. Inside I have a bunch of different sequins and acrylic pieces from Elle's Studio and Color Cast Designs.

It was impossible to not use this cute cactus on this spread.
I hope you enjoyed this spread!

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